APPLE CREATIVE / Enterprise storage made ‘Apple Easy’

The Apple creative market is fueled by innovation. Apple has consistently delivered easy to use, elegant solutions for creative individuals and workgroups.

From small print projects to complex photographic engagements, website creation and management, publishing, video or audio production, Active Storage understands the needs of professional Apple users.

Active Storage RAID systems were designed to provide the highest level of performance and protection to Apple workgroups possible.

Our systems, while affordable, power some of the world’s most cutting-edge Apple creative studios and 24/7 broadcast environments.

At Active Storage, we believe the assurance of knowledgeable support personnel, robust, elegant, yet easy to use systems - at an affordable cost, provide users with more time to be creative and less time worrying about whether their data is safe and readily available.

Whether your workgroup is two or two hundred users, Active Storage systems can handle the workload.

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